About EquipKI

EquipKI is a life science community powered by lab managers, research technicians, and facilities operation personnel. We collaborate to provide insight and feedback on some of the most critical decisions we make when configuring a laboratory environment: selecting the right tools for the job.

In an industry dominated by marketing materials and sales personnel, it can be hard to isolate the signal from the noise when it comes to making large capital expenditure decisions. EquipKI is an unbiased, user-powered community that allows each of us to share our experiences with instruments, equipment and supplies to learn from others.

Our goal is to help decision makers and end users develop clarity and understanding when it comes to selecting the right equipment for the job. By harnessing the power of the community, the collective feedback on our platform provides insights into the benefits, risks, and comparative options for product selection across all major areas of life science facilities.

By incentivizing our community to provide reviews, we are building a resource of unparalleled depth of information as well as engagement from our user community.


EquipKI was founded by life science industry professionals who saw an unequivocal need for unbiased, authentic feedback from real end users of equipment.

Bombarded with sales and marketing material, it was difficult to know if we were making the right decisions when it came to allocating a huge portion of our often limited research budgets.

Through EquipKI, our goal is to empower the community and provide authentic, first-hand accounts of purchasing and using laboratory products.

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Launching in 2018, our goal is to become the premier resource for purchasing laboratory supplies, instruments and equipment.

We have already built a community of thousands of lab managers, researchers, and scientists who collectively share vast experience and knowledge purchasing and using these products.

We aim to build a more thriving community with unrivaled shared insight in the form of ratings and reviews across all research-related products.


Our core values underpin our mission at EquipKI. Our primary objective is to be a trusted and extensive resource for industry professionals.

Community-driven. We are building a community of real professionals who are helping one another in an authentic way. The health and trust of our user community will always be the primary focus.

Independent. Manufacturers participate by submitting their products, but all reviews are 100% independently generated.

Unbiased. We have no corporate interests that affect the information we present on our site. We will always provide authentic first-hand reviews.

Reliable. The information presented on our site will always be trustworthy and as extensive as possible. Any errors or omissions are proactively corrected in a timely fashion.